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Read Spanking the Naughty Bride Online. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Leena Darling. Contact: [ protected]. They were on their way to their honeymoon destination, a secluded oceanfront bungalow, where they would spend the next two weeks.

She sighed, and the soft noise was swallowed by the wind. And what a day it had been. Absolutely perfect, from the dress to the cake to the music. She stole another glance at Rick. Oh my. Preferably while in bed and in the midst of other…activities. They arrived at the bungalow in the early evening as the sun set. Anxious to stretch her legs after the four hour drive, Sara reached for her door — online spanking for Rick to grab her arm. He raised one dark eyebrow and leaned close.

Online spanking

None of this opening your own door stuff, especially on our honeymoon. Warmth flooded her pussy at his words. He was intimidating when he scolded her. She flushed as he released her and rounded the car to open her door. She stepped out and peered up at him, spellbound by his authority. Young lady. Oh online spanking she ached with need when he talked like that.

He trailed a finger down her cheek, all way down to the swell of her breasts. Sara sucked in a quick breath and backed away until her legs hit the car. Like I would really let you spank me. He remained silent as he guided her inside the bungalow. They turned on all the lights on the first level, and he suggested she open the back windows to get the air online spanking while he carried in their suitcases.

Arguing with Rick never got her anywhere. The man was stubborn with a capital S. And bossy. God, was he bossy. She thought of his most recent threat to spank her. Would he really? She gulped as she recalled all their brief conversations on the subject.

Sara loved him and she wanted to be a good wife, so she had agreed to his terms. But would he really try to spank her if she misbehaved? The man was terribly old-fashioned. That was for sure.

Online spanking

She shivered in delight at the memory. Already the house was cooling down, and the sound of the ocean entered with the breeze. Sara frowned at Rick when she entered the bedroom. She hopped on it and spread her arms and legs out, thrusting her chest up slightly. A smile spread across her lips. Right now the only thing I want to do is break my husband in.

He stalked to her, eyes dark and his expression unfathomable. He sank down on the bed. I want to talk to you. Had she done something wrong? She sat on his lap, enjoying the feel of his arms around her as she breathed in his masculine scent.

God, she could get lost in this man. Her husband. He was her husband. Her heart fluttered to and fro. She rolled her eyes. I get it. Now make love to me. In fact, I believe I told you to stop doing that. Fear lanced through her. I mean, I thought you were joking around. Sort of. Gently, he stroked her hair as he stared lovingly into her eyes. I think not. Her mouth went dry. She squirmed in online spanking lap. Would he accept her apology and drop the stern schoolmaster act?

Her hair flipped about as she shook her head, eyes wide and lips set online spanking together. Now lay over my lap, young lady. The more you cooperate, the less it will hurt. This is ridiculous. I never actually thought you were serious about this whole head of household thing. Well, at least the spanking part. He drew her chin up with one finger. Those are my rules.

I really promised! I said it in our vows. A light smile drew his lips up. That was my favorite part of the ceremony. Well, other than our first kiss as husband and wife. Consider that before you try anything foolish, young lady. Now be a good, obedient wife, and get across my lap. Hands shaking and lower lip trembling, Sara shifted and placed herself over his legs, not quite believing this was really happening. Her chest tightened and hot tears prickled in her eyes.

Embarrassment welled up inside her as he caressed her bottom cheeks through the thin material of her dress.

Online spanking

A thong underneath and a push up bra. I believe the best marriages are those in which the roles are clearly defined. The first blow caught her off guard and made her flinch. He laid into her bottom, slapping both her cheeks hard, over and over again while she wriggled and whimpered under his punishing hand. He paused for a moment, but it was only to lift the hem of her dress over her back. Her stomach flipped. A belt. She vowed to be obedient and submissive and to never upset Rick. The cool air drifted against her bared backside. He tugged her thong down to rest at her knees. She clutched at the covers, burying her face to hide her shame.

The sting of his hand was unbearable. And yet he continued, spanking her thoroughly, even after she began to sob. Her shoulders heaved as her whole body shook. She kicked her legs, only for Rick to pin them underneath one of his, holding her down. Her hands flew back, and he ed her wrists together and held them against the small of her back. She was completely subdued and at his mercy. This is my right. I can spank this little bottom of yours whenever I want to, for any reason at all. You belong to me. Despite the terrible pain, she found comfort in his online spanking, and she settled a bit as the spanking went on and on, searing her sit spot with over a dozen harsh, swift slaps.

And as quickly as the thrashing began, it ended. He rubbed her punished flesh while she calmed down further. The gentleness he was showing her touched her deep inside, and her tears began to dry up. No more spankings for me, ever. He laughed. Either that or the bad language I sometimes hear from you. I expect you to act like a lady. She wrapped her arms around him, melting into his chest, breathing in the scent of his aftershave, even as his dark stubble grazed her cheek.

His arms were heaven. His embrace was bliss. His dominance was — so freaking hot. She was squirming for reasons other than a sore bottom. He held her for what seemed like forever. His love washed over her, again and again as they breathed in tandem. The world online spanking away, and for a while, they were the only two people left on the online spanking. Under her throbbing ass, she felt the telltale bulge of his erection poking her. Desire pulsed between her thighs, shooting straight to her clit. Her pussy grew moister by the second as her pulse increased.

A shaky sigh left her lips, and she pulled back to kiss Rick. His tongue delved into her mouth, claiming her as he pressed his hardness up against her bottom. Ribbons of pleasure unfurled through her center, spreading out until she became frantic with need. She needed…she needed…Oh God. She needed his cock deep inside her.

Online spanking

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