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Looks like this article is a bit old. Naked meetup aware that information may have changed since it was published. Fancy getting your kit off in London, but not quite sure where? From nudey swimming to dinner parties — here are Londoners' top tips on where to get bare. Despite having over members, the group is yet to hold its first event. As admin, Clive explains, "my partner and I love to be naked, but we have two lodgers, otherwise these events would happen at my house, and you would definitely get naked meetup invitation. Naked Masked Dinner Parties is just one of the groups offering naked events on Meetup.

There's Naked Meditation which advises its odd members to bring a towel or sarong "for hygiene purposes" and offers, "an invitation to move beyond personal preference and ideas of sexual attraction, into a space of welcoming and appreciating everyone.

More popular, with almost 2, members is the Naked London Meetup Groupwhich arranges meet-ups at Nuditythe men-only naked dance club in Vauxhall, which is, "proud to run the UK's only naked Foam Parties. But it's not just men who want to get bendy with their bits out. Run by Doria Yogaprospective participants are assured that, "the studio is equipped with infrared heaters so you will experience the pleasant feeling of warmth all over your body. According to Doria Yoga: "While our society often equates being naked with sex, other cultures have found that being naked removes many social and economic barriers.

It is also very freeing to move the body without the restriction of clothing, and yoga provides a great way to deepen body acceptance. By facing these fears in the context of a safe and supportive community we naturally become more grounded and comfortable with ourselves. OK, so far, so much spiel! Or is it? Nick's been to about 12 naked yoga classes and he says, "it's a very warm, welcoming environment.

I'm not as enlightened as Nick. There were moments I'd have fitted blackout blinds to my sunglasses if I could. He explains, "it started while I was at uni, as the radiator in my bedroom was jammed on full power. OK, but there's lying about with no clothes on, and there's having someone's swaying sack in your face as you do Downward Dog. There's getting an all-over tan, and there's having love-tunnels at eye level when you do your Warrior Three.

But of course, that could be the attraction… Does Nick worry about getting an erection? I'm not thinking about sex, I'm thinking about yoga, so my mind is in a completely different contextual environment and an erection's not going to happen out of context. Has he seen any other guys with a stiffy? Well, it's funny he should say that… Chiswick based NKD Training offers naked group fitness classes, gym sessions and personal training for men, and the one query in their FAQ section is all about erections.

But why would anyone want to burn calories in the buff? So far, so man-centric. But of course, girls like to get their kit off too. Formerly known as the University of London Union or ULUthe fitness facilities are open to the public, and the pool there is the largest in central London. Emma attends the Sunday Swim, a mixed naked swimming session which is held in association with Naturist London.

So, what's good about it? Emma says, "it's such a lovely feeling swimming with nothing on! And of course, afterwards, you don't have to peel off a wet, manky swimming costume! Emma is a member of British Naturism which she describes as, "a warm, welcoming tight-knit community. She says, "it's predominantly male but the of women attending is rising.

It's a very established community swim, and we always reach capacity! Emma's observation that the Sunday Swim is predominantly male, reflects Nick's experience of naked yoga. He naked meetup, "I think this country has a gender problem when it comes to naturism, in that naked meetup seen as a predominantly male activity — if you go to France, Spain or Germany, it's pretty much a split. Of course, there might be other reasons why women feel wary about getting their kit off. Craig has done the World Naked Bike Ride in London four times, and says, "it tends to be slightly more guys, because photographers can be inappropriate.

Naked meetup

There used to be quite a few women in the group I did the bike ride with, but when there's photographers putting cameras up to their crotch, they don't want to keep doing the bike ride. Craig's own experience is that it's a lot of fun. The annual event, which takes place in June, is a protest against oil dependency and car culture, as well as raising awareness of the vulnerability of cyclists.

In addition to it being a worthy cause, Craig enjoys it because, "you don't often get the chance to cycle round London naked — not without being arrested! If anyone's worried about the weather, Craig says, "it's always been amazing! Cyclists stop part way round to put more suntan lotion on, and try not to make it too erotic! Craig says, "I don't bother cos they're that far down! Helen went there in the 80s and says, "it's lovely, because being naked without the male gaze is so freeing and relaxing.

It's liberating. It makes you proud to be a woman because you can't help but appreciate the diversity of the female form. The City of London Corporation, which manages Hampstead Heath, states unequivocally that, "Nude swimming is not permitted at any of the bathing ponds.

Helen says, "the feeling of the water on your skin is wonderful, when you're naked with no straps digging in, or bits slipping off. Lucy remembers women swimming naked when she visited the Ladies' Naked meetup seven years ago, and there are numerous references to it in online. We were more concerned with manoeuvring into the icy abyss than with our cellulite. Perhaps the most concrete corroboration of naked swimming in the Hampstead Heath ponds, are newspaper reports of something in the water. The City of London Corporation declined to comment naked meetup whether naked swimming had ever been permitted, and feedback from the Ladies' Pond Facebook group was mixed.

Sanctioned or surreptitious, it seems there's certainly been nudity at the Ladies' Pond, and looking back, Helen says, "my strongest memory is that of seeing an elderly naked woman walking across the grass, and thinking how beautiful she was because her body was brown and weathered and strong and I hadn't seen beauty like that before.

Naked meetup

There are plenty of opportunities to run in the buff too. But maybe think twice before bounding in the buff. Naked Yoga Nick says, "I had a testicular torsion from not being properly supported while running and I found myself in the back of an ambulance. I had to spend days in hospital. Bear this in mind if you plan to get your pumpkins out in October, at the Naturist Foundation's Halloween Disco…. There are of, course, naturist spas in London, naked meetup as Rio's in Kentish Townand there are certainly more niche nude pastimes, such rolling round in olive oil and being whipped by a crazy clown.

And if you're looking for something civilised, keep an eye out for the return of naked pop-up restaurant The Naked meetupwhich founder Seb Lyall plans to bring back permanently in With candle light, high spirits and waiting staff who keep you well oiled, The Bunyadi allows the nak-urious to bare all in a woodland setting — without straying far from a well-stocked bar.

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Naked meetup

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Naked meetup

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