Kik emoticons list

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Do you often use an emoji to impart an emotion, emphasize a kik emoticons list, or just add a little something to your Kik messages? With many collections in every possible emotion, the Smiley Shop is certain to have the perfect new emoji for you. You are about to read all about it in our Kik Messenger Emoji Guide, which begins immediately after we settle one pressing question.

Emojipedia says that in Japan, the native country of the emoji, the correct plural is emojibut also points out that there is no plural form in the Japanese language. Since we do have plurals in English, the Associated Press Stylebook says, in English, emojis is the correct plural of emoji. The Oxford dictionary sits on the fence, with its emoji entry showing both versions as the plural. Emojipedia agrees that both emoji and emojis are acceptable when referring to two or more emojis. Ah, but that brings up another question: If this is where we come to get our emojis to use in Kik Messenger, why is it called the Smiley Shop?

Here, we have to take a guess, and my guess is that Kik knows a lot of people still call any little picture placed within a text or message to express an emotion a smiley, and those who call them emojis will recognize the smiley term. When you are getting ready kik emoticons list kik someone, in the bottom corner of the text screen is a smiley face.

When you click on that, you have a choice of standard smileys emoticons from which to choose to insert in your message. Press on any of the standard smileys and it pops into place for you. When you press on the plusthe Kik Messenger Smiley Shop opens right before your eyes. The first option you see is the Mystery Pack. We will come back to this shortly.

Kik emoticons list

Scroll just a bit and you come to the collections. At the moment, The Guac Flock is my personal favorite. Click on a collection I suggest The Guac Flock to see all the emojis in that particular style. If none of the ones kik emoticons list the front screen tickle your fancy, press on See All Collections for more.

When you choose to see Hass in a pack, you see him once again with the rest of the flock. And what is a KP? Three emojis from The Guac Flock is a bargain because other members of the Flock cost a lot more than my beloved Hass.

One factor is class. There are four classes of emojis in the Smiley Shop, which are lowest to highest : Common, rare, epic, and legendary. Notice the gold circle around her. Click and read her card. She costs more, too, at KP. If you get Hass and Toast in your mystery pack, you are already KP ahead of purchasing them separately. And Toast is far from the most expensive emoji.

Kik emoticons list

Scroll on down and choose an emoji with a red circle around it, maybe Loaded with Fiber, and click. Sometimes there is no mystery pack available. You can see that only The Guac Flock has a mystery pack available right now. Go down to the Collections section again and enter the Smiling Dead block.

Kik emoticons list

Click on the Playing Dead emoji. At the bottom of his card, the gold bar goes all the way across. There is no pink square with the View in Pack option because he is not available in a mystery pack. The mystery pack is surely a deal for higher-value emojisbut since it does not let me specify the emojis in my pack hence the word mysteryI may never get Hass that way. Luckily for me, Hass is cheap.

Kik emoticons list

Fortunately, I have KP available. I can get Hass, so I click Confirm. Kik Messenger puts Hass in my locker. I get to watch him kik emoticons list there in a nice little video clip. To use HassI begin a normal message then click the smiley face at the bottom of message input screen that led me to Hass in the first place.

He is there and ready to go into my message. To have him, I would have to go visit the Kik Points bot see below. You may have Kik Points and not realize it. If you do not have enough to purchase your fave emoji, you can earn more KP by chatting with the Kik Points bot. The Kik Points bot is quite generous, so it will not take long to earn enough KP to buy even a legendary emoji. It all took less than a minute.

To find the Kik Points bot, use your Kik browser the globe icon in the menu bar. Scan the list of bots for the Kik Points bot and select it. Do not let this upset you. The Kik Points bot will offer it to you again, and this time it will not be expired.

Kik emoticons list

The points bot has new offers every day so visit regularly. You can buy an emoji to use in a text message to a friend. You can also buy an emoji to gift to a friend. You can go through the collections like we did with The Guac Flock, or you can go to the lower section of the Kik Messenger Smiley Shop home screen to see all of the big smile emojis available in the collection the fourth smiley on the top row.

Select the big smile smiley to see all big smile emojis in all collections.

Kik emoticons list

Choose one and purchase it with your KPs as usual. Now, locker by pressing the lock at the top of the Smiley Shop home screen. The top section shows your emojis. Pick one for your friend. The next screen looks like the usual emoji card except for the bottom, which has an option to gift on the right side. Select Gift.

A list of your friends appears. Click on the name of the friend to whom you want to gift this emoji, add text to the message, and send. Maybe you realize that you sent your friend that very same emoji six months ago, or that you sent a broken heart instead of a kiss. As long as the recipient has not accepted the giftyou can call it back.

In your locker, you have a Gifts in Flight section third section down. Click on the emoji gift.

Kik emoticons list

A confirmation screen appears; select Cancel Gift. The whole thing has changed! What do I do?

Kik emoticons list

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