I want to be a foot slave

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Oh, just tying him down so his body is slave to my fun and pleasure. And maybe not even tying down, if he can just keep still without touching me. I would want to concentrate while worshipping his body : I would test his patience with exploring his body and try to get multiple orgasms out of him. Lol I take pleasure from his pleasure.

Idk why but that's really surprising to me lol I figured most women wouldn't want to see their man being submissive? I guess I'm wrong lol.

I want to be a foot slave

I find it hot, sexy, and very appealing to me. Lol but wouldn't you not want your man being submissive? That's basically the only reason I haven't asked my girlfriend to do something like this. But based on the answers I'm getting, I was wrong.

It would bother me if my boyfriend were so passive he wouldn't defend or protect me and couldn't stand up for himself. But that's about it. Everything you described is all good! Should I be surprised that most girls would be into this? Because I am. I don't know why I always figured most girls wouldn't be into it because a lot of women don't like their men being submissive?

The whole reason I have this crazy slave fantasy is because I love pleasing women lol so it would always include other body parts Sexual Health. My biggest fantasy is basically being a womans bitch and doing evrything she says, including constantly massaging and worshipping her feet. Are there ANY girls that would enjoy this? Share Facebook. Would you enjoy a foot slave? Add Opinion. I do not have a foot fetish whatsoever, but if my man did and had this kind of fantasy, I would gladly do it and enjoy the hell out of it. My fantasy is for my man to submit to me light stuff,no dominatrix stuff and so it would work.

The only condition is that in reality his personality is the opposite. Mind if I ask what ya mean by "light stuff"? Just curious lol. Ladydi Xper 3. My feet and every other part of my body, Go for it boy! Damn your so enthusiastic lol. Show All Show Less.

I want to be a foot slave

Bethany94 1. I don't want my feet to be the center of attention. They don't have to be the center of attention, your in charge lol. I would imagine that wmen with power or feet fetishes or both would quite enjoy that. Try craigslist. Well, it's a good thing. A lot wants to be domineering sometimes. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls what would you do with a willing foot slave? Would you enjoy having a sex slave once in awhile?

Adults only sex slave fantasy? Sort Girls First Guys First. SaVes Explorer. Xper 7. What don't you like about it? AndrewHalesfan Xper 5. I think I would like it to be on my neck. I would be your foot slave if you want.

I want to be a foot slave

Only if it includes other body parts too. Cottoncandydreams Xper 5. It wouldn't bother you if your man were being that submissive? Related myTakes. Learn how to take care of yourself! Why foolish people are not so foolish when you try to understand them. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

I want to be a foot slave

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