How to find a guy with a big dick

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Even worse, most of the guys I did sleep with had no interest in building a relationship. I had no idea what was wrong with me.

How to find a guy with a big dick

It felt like I was destined to a life without meaningful romantic connections. Thankfully, I was able to turn this around. It all started when I learned about a powerful male psychological trigger. Once activated, it tends to release intense feelings of power, purpose and self-esteem with a man. Naturally he feels closer and more affectionate towards women who can make him feel this way.

How to find a guy with a big dick

So, I learned how to do this - and the were mind-blowing. Go read it now - then come back and learn how to estimate the size of his penis. It might seem odd to measure fingers in relation to penis size; however, this method was discovered by scientists in Korea. In the study, which was conducted with over 20 years, participants would have their flaccid peni and their stretched peni measured as well as their ring finger and forefinger measured. The theory being, that the smaller the ratio between the fingers, then the bigger your guys package will be. So you might be easier just going in and investigating yourself!

The study itself took place in and involvedwho had their penis length measure by English urologists. However, there is plenty of evidence that shows finger length — such as the index finger and ring finger— can be used to indicate penis length. So, it does make sense that bigger hands can make for a bigger overall package. It is possible to guess the average dick size of a man while looking at his index finger. That length of these index fingers down to their thumb will give you a good idea of what any erect peni will look like.

One simple way to predict the penis size of your man is to analyze the way he sits. So, when you see any men sitting, always check out the way they sit. If they sit with their how to find a guy with a big dick very wide or they struggle to cross their legs properly, this could be seen as a of protection.

However, this is to do with the size of a flaccid penis, so if he has no problem sitting, he still easily be a grower when the time comes. You can also get a little more mathematical with the way men sit. The last way involves measuring the length between his outstretched pinky and thumb. To this, get your man to tuck in his other fingers, leaving his pinky and thumb outstretched — it will look sort of like a right-angled triangle. Then just measure diagonally from the tip of the pinky to the tip of the thumb, this should tell you the approximate length of the penis.

For centuries, people have believed there is a relationship in men between the size or rather length of their nose and how big their penis is. Which is why, through the ages, women have been attracted to men who have long Roman noses, as biologically they believe they are well-endowed and more than capable of making lots of babies.

This is far from scientifically proven though, and it has been shown to be wrong on many occasions, so always take nose size with a pinch of salt. It's perfectly natural to be curious about the size of a man's penis when you're dating him.

How to find a guy with a big dick

However, working out his length can be extremely hard - even with the tricks of ring fingers or feet size - especially when there are always men who won't match up to the theories. So, the only sure-fire way for you to know is by getting up close and personal with it. Plus, always remember that size isn't everything in the bedroom, what he does with it is far more important! So I recently hooked up with a 6'4" guy. His feet were not huge His hands were big though. When I got to seeing what he was working with, it was way thicker than I expected.

He was grower too. He had a big head and a bit choad-ish when flaccid but I was pleasantly surprised. It was perfect. Thick and 6. There was no correlation. Well let us hope you are as attractive as you penis sounds.

How to find a guy with a big dick

BTW who old are you? Ok I have a question for you. Slept with a man decades ago. He was nicely huge. This summer I saw him and well it was not the same at all. Mind you he was intoxicated but it kinda freaked me out. He said it was in a box in the closet. I mean can it be that big a difference? I done the index finger n pinky with the ruler.

In my experience the larger the nose the larger the penis. If he has small tiny ears probably has a small tiny penis too. Huh, my dick is 8" x 6. I feel so relived after knowing all this. But size is not a problem for me I will be ok if my guy has an average or small but knows how to perform.

Only shoe size applies to me I suppose, I am 6ft, average hands, and nose lol, and normal size lips. Its kind of interesting that penis size is so important to you women. I just hope that you also have beautiful tight vaginas with just the right amount of puffiness and without any weird stuff like the inner labia hanging out or strange discoloring. I mean just as you make demands from us, we will make demands from you. You must feel very attacked by this article I wonder why Chill out dude vaginas are a whole different story from dicks, you should probably be in some other reading how to increase the size of ur dick with some cream or sum shit like that.

Already giving us small dick energy lol. And im pretty sure this article was meant for those with feminine energy only, no offense Have a nice day.

How to find a guy with a big dick

As a nurse practitioner in urology I can say that Small penis syndrome is a serious issue related to body dismorphic disorder and has caused a few to end their life. I wonder if he was bullied in achool, or humiliated by an ex lover at some point? Any woman who would use this ploy to attack a man is simply the most crude form of feminimity. You triggered to his body shame with body shame of your own. Fyi lengtgh can only be gained by cutting the suspensitory ligament at the base of the pubic bone. Tensioners will be worn to assist the bodys rehabilitation and aclimate to the.

Most urologists will give aq clinical assesment and unless the person has a micro Penis then they will likely try to persuade against that surgery. A woman who is overly concerned with size as I have known some to be change their attitude when their husband underoes a rsadical preostatectomy for prostate cancer. You see at the top of the prostate and incison is made to sever the urethra, on the underbelly of the urethra it is severed yet again.

Many Men have noted a loss from. There are some tools like vaccum pumps to aid in rehabilitation but the loss in length is difficult for men to come to terms with. If a man was average before the surgery he will most likely be smaller than average after. I wonder if you had a son would you shame him for something he had no control of?

How to find a guy with a big dick

Genetalia will be beutiful to you if you love the one your with, and sex becuase of the wonders of the vagina can accomodate a wide range of size. I Thank you for your kind comment. I think to much is said about the size of the penis and if you aren't built like a horse,you are a less of a man.

How to find a guy with a big dick

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