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It was much plainer than that. Probably some random person sent me a DM, I pulled a list of rates out of my ass, they picked what they wanted and sent a payment, and I scrambled to snap some nervous nudes in my attic bedroom. Looking through amateur porn galleries always wows me. These people are so brave.

Girly nudes

No, the thing that still scares me most about being publicly naked is the sheer vulnerability of nudity itself. The likelihood of people saying or thinking mean things about my body. The way that internet commentators sometimes speak with such unearned authority that their criticisms creep coldly into my brain and stay lodged there, overriding any calming compliments from loved ones. But as prevalent and understandable as these fears are, I also know that I have overcome them before, and I can do it again. When I went quasi-viral a few years ago for writing an article about how some abusive men twist feminist rhetoric to get women to trust them, I was hounded by misogynistic trolls for weeks.

They sent me death threats, told me to kill myself, left cruel comments for me across multiple platforms. I was scared for my physical safety. But one of the things that snapped me out of my fight-or-flight daze was seeing these girly nudes mock photos of me in a strap-on.

Girly nudes

And I laughed and laughed, because… I looked hot in those photos. People whose opinions I actually cared about had told me so, and I thought so myself. If this was really the best they could do — telling me I looked stupid and gross in a photo where I looked verifiably happy and hot — then they had no real power over me.

They had tried to humiliate me and had failed. The spell was broken.

Girly nudes

I was proud of the things they wanted to shame me for. I loved the things about myself that they claimed were worth hating. My life was full of love and sex, despite their projected insistence that someone like me could neither deserve nor acquire either of those things. Their arguments had no teeth, no real impact, no basis in reality. What they were saying was far more about them than it was about me, and that had been true the whole time.

No decent partner of mine would ever be threatened by me being naked in public. And most crucially of all, although I have my bad body image days like everyone else, I girly nudes ultimately — in my heart of hearts and pussy of pussies — that my body is beautiful and worth celebrating.

Girly nudes

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Girly nudes Girly nudes

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