Find a cuckoldress

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Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile find a cuckoldress. Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. How to find a cuckoldress who likes BBC. Thread starter Britwhitecuck Start date May 18, Britwhitecuck Male. I'm sure there are many white males like me who see themselves as kind, caring and intelligent but who simultaneously have an overriding desire to find a white female partner who likes black men for a cuckold relationship.

These days many people go to a standard dating site to find their ideal partner but because we have a certain 'fetish' or desired 'lifestyle' we are more restricted. Yes, we have all the qualities for a 'normal' relationship and to be good partners and fathers but as interracial cuckolds that's not enough - we want to do all that but with a white female who likes black men. I'm sure it's difficult for others to understand but for interracial cuck wannabes it's real, powerful and the focus of our relationship and sexual desires.

Find a cuckoldress

How do we achieve our goals? Of this I'm not sure, but sites like this seem to offer possibilities.

Find a cuckoldress

Would like to hear what other cuck wannabes feel about this and maybe hear from white females too. Have any white cuck wannabe males tried looking for partners BBC loving white women on more mainstream dating sites? It may be a case of trying as many avenues as possible. Gold Member. From NC, US. Last edited: May 19, Bellaazz Male Gold Member. From OH, US. In between my marriages, I found a real woman online who was interested in being a cuckoldress and cucking me with black lovers.

Find a cuckoldress

I ended up metting her in New york and we had a fantastic week. She seemed perfect. However she was from out of the country and was not totally convinced to move to the US. We ended up splitting up but the point I was trying to make is that there are some women out there, it just takes a lot to find them. I can't remember which site we first met at but I believe it was AFF.

Good luck!!! MacNfries said:. I'm glad to see that tonycapri acknowledged your post, as I know he's been pursuing the same desire, you have, for quite some time. Black cuckolding, or even cuckolding in general, is usually a result of different circumstances when referring to men vs women. Thus, fulfilling your desire of finding a woman that would desire a relationship with you, under your terms, is going to be difficult. Men, who are into voluntary cuckolding, have a "want or desire" that they wish to fulfill, whereas most women who are cuckolding their men have an unfulfilled "need" to satisfy.

Women simply don't have the desire to waste their time entering into a relationship with a man who they intend on cuckolding or cheating on with other men. Thus, you are pursuing a woman that has no desire for you unless you're providing her something additional that she needs, like security or financial aid in raising her children. The best you might hope for is to find a liberal minded woman who is open to including other men in 3-some or couple swap sex, and allowing the relationship, with her, to hopefully take you to your ultimate goal of her simply fucking other men while you sit at home waiting on her.

Your goal is further complicated by the desire that these men be black; most white women don't have the desire to go black, at least initially. Also, during a relationship with such a woman, she'll most likely meet the man that gives her the ultimate satisfaction and relationship she desires, and she'll leave you for him So, good luck with your frustrations As always sensible advice Mac.

Just wish I could heed it - that's the problem! Bellaazz said:. Britwhitecuck said:. From UK. I wouldnt think its that hard if you live in a city or large town. I live in Birmingham UK and there are a lot of single white ladies here who have mixed race children from when they were younger and having fun. Some of these ladies later look for a more stable relationship with someone who can provide for them. If I was a single guy who wanted to meet a potential cuckoldress, I would look at the lone parent lonely heart or sites and try and meet someone from there.

But try and be honest from the start, dont lead the ladies on and then start talking about going with black guys. I know a lot of girls from school and stuff find a cuckoldress recently I've been trying to talk to the ones who Find a cuckoldress know have been with black guys in the past. Also one of my roommates was really big and sometimes I'll try and talk to his ex gfs. In a way, circumstance is forcing you to heed it. Your biggest problem is letting go of it and moving on to something find a cuckoldress.

However, while many ladies may entertain the idea of cuckolding you, you would have to be willing to accept her choice of whom she does so with and that means he may not be black, even if you have discussed this in the beginning. Women are notorious for changing their minds in general, dominate women even more so. These are usually lightweight affairs where people come together over a meal or drinks to mingle and see if they can meet others with similar interests. Some of the BDSM dungeons also hold similar affairs to enable people to tour their facilities and try to meet others.

You might get lucky and find a wonderful dominant who might rock your world. Ann4BBC said:. I too am looking for that special kind of woman. I was married for over 30 years to a very hot woman that cuckolded me for many years. One day she had enough and it came to a complete stop. We drifted apart and finally seperated for good. I have dated many women since, and have even had some success with my girlfriend cuckolding me with BBC. I want a cuckold relationship and won't settle for anything less.

So I continue to look! Fantastic and uplifting advice ann! Ironically I met up with a white lady from Brum who was black only and wanted a white cuck hubby. Sexually she was just what I wanted but mentally and on a personal level we didn't just click.

Find a cuckoldress

She had had cuckold partners before but just wasn't the girl for me - that shows regardless of sexual compatibility, personality compatibility and chemistry also matters. As above with willsrvu this is another route I will go down to try and find that 'special' lady.

When in Brum I love to see all the white girls with black babies - a white cuck like me is boggle eyed in the second city! I totally agree as well Ann that I should be up front about my fetish for white girls who like black men - I'm glad you mentioned this as I also feel it is important at the outset to make it clear that I am a white cuck who is looking for a certain kind of relationship.

Find a cuckoldress

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