Facesitting how to

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Last night, I was with a guy who -really- loves facesitting, and asked me to sit on him several times. I hadn't done it before, so I basically just knelt on top of him and lowered myself on. He really enjoyed it, but I am wondering:. What are some tips and tricks to improve or change up the basic facesit?

I think it's an easy thing to ask for as a guy, but we don't take into consideration how much confidence it requires as a woman. I love it.

Facesitting how to

I work hard when I go down on my lady. Being able to lie on my back whilst she 'brings herself to me', is bliss. Sit down, relax your legs and be comfortable putting your weight on him. Even if you relax completely, the fact that your knees are bent creates a buffer for his face. If you sat with your legs out in front of you in an L position, that would be a lot more intense, but still managable. So, with knees bent, or squatting, use your body weight.

Facesitting how to

He can take it. I don't think actual bodyweight makes a difference here. Its about confidence. You're in that position for your own pleasure. Prioritise that. If facesitting how to run out of air, or it hurts, you'd know about it. I've bust my lip against my teeth a few times from oral in the conventional position I love this. Never from facesitting. Go figure. Plus I think men can learn a lot from this position. Increasing pressure, quickening rhythm The quiet confidence that oozed out of this post made my mouth water. As a guy who normally is a pretty mellow Dom, I like when my partner takes a turn in a domintant position.

You can play with my hair or turn around and play with my cock, it's fun. A lot of people seem to be worried about comfort and breathing, if either person is uncomfortable or can't breath I'm sure they will fix it or let you know immidiatly.

Facesitting how to

Are there a lot of guys out here who like facesitting? Without having data to back my hunch up, I'd say that the answer is a resounding "Yes". It is such an amazing act and being at the receiving end of it can be an intense, memorable and enjoyable experience for both.

When you're in the act, both of you need to be comfortable and your partner shouldn't be suffocated beyond his levels of comfort. The two things that can actually facesitting how to well are to keep your knees on either side of his head and hold onto something in front of you - this means you're transferring the weight of your body away from just your knees and shifting the center of gravity such that you can control your hips but not bear down on his face entirely unless you want to do it occasionally for the thrill.

Also consider keeping pillows around on either side of his head so your knees can be comfortably supported. You can also ask him to cup your butt so that you can be massaged as you ride his face and his fingers can al to you if something is off. I've never been sat on. But as a male seeing it in porn. I can't wait for my turn to get sat on. I love facesitting. You can hover above his face or legit sit on him and grind, or alternate doing both. I am a big fan. I think I like it because there is an element of submission to it, which turns me on. However, based on an unscientific poll I took in another group, it seems like only about half of women enjoy it.

Based on their feedback, I'd say find a position where you feel comfor5able and balanced, maybe one where you can stick your arms out to hold onto something like the wall or a headboard. And make your guy do whatever the fuck you want. Maybe smother him with it a little. Grind into his face a bit. Tease him. I love when my girlfriend sits on my face. She says it easier for her to do if she has something to hold on to like a bed frame or something. Facesitting Tricks and Tips. Posted by 2 years ago. He really enjoyed it, but I am wondering: Are there a lot of guys out here who like facesitting?

Sort by: best. Go figure Plus I think men can learn a lot from this position. I know my girl better each time from this. Be selfish, enjoy your orgasms - he will too! More posts from the sex community. It is a sex-positive community facesitting how to a safe space for people of all genders and orientations which demands respectful conduct in all exchanges. No exceptions. Created Jan 25, Top posts july 21st Top posts of july, Top posts Back to Top.

Facesitting how to

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How To Sit On A Guy’s Face With Powerful Confidence & Intense Orgasms