Chastity key holding service

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Discussion in ' Personal - Looking for a keyholder or sub? Chastity Mansion. Free chastity keyholding Discussion in ' Personal - Looking for a keyholder or sub? Top Posters. If anyone is having difficulty finding an online keyholder for free, they can approach me. All you have to pay for is the lock and postage. However, I will only hold the keys of those who do NOT enjoy chastity and are doing it to improve their life in some way, or to help with porn or masturbation addiction. Of course you can lie about this if you wish, but I will find out in the end.

You will be my locked bitch and you will have to send me photo proof once a week. I won't have time to talk to you every day, but I will send you simple non humiliating tasks to please me daily. Remember at all times that I am doing you a favour by locking you, a kindness because you can't find anyone else. None of the tasks will have anything to do with money, and you will never be required to send money or gifts.

I'm only interested in doing this if it's with my own padlocks, I like to know I have the keys in my hand. If your device has a built in lock you can put your key in a small metal box and lock it with my padlock. I will not answer questions about this while you jerk off. All questions can be answered once you commit. Duration will be based on your experience. If you are interested you may send me a message. Experience has shown me that if you don't do it today you never will. BondagegreenDaalgiOuttoftime99 and 32 others like this. Active member. I was tempted the last time i saw this as i have a porn addiction problem, thanks for giving the option to some of us.

Outtoftime99 and L-u-c-y like this. MissyB Active member. This is a chastity key holding service of reality for those that say they want an online key holder. You have the opportunity, do you take advantage of it? CuriousJay Active member. Location: Country, Region - and perhaps even City?

Chastity key holding service

Local Time: PM. Realisticlylocked Member. I am recently single and out of chastity Slavemeplease Banned. Jah RubbingsgleamingBetamale78 and 1 other person like this. AetherAzure New member. Has anyone trying to stop their bad habit of jerking off and quitting porn had a successful experience?

Chastity key holding service

I may be in offer if so. AetherAzure likes this. Houseboy42 Member. This is an incredibly generous offer and I imagine it must call the bluff of men who 'say' they want real chastity, but are really just keyboard kinksters. If this fails prevent to relapsing i be taking you up on your offer. Chastity obsesed likes this. K Local Time: PM. Can I humbly ask you how long you would expect a subject to remain chaste Mistress Lucy, if they agreed to lock themselves up with your chastity key holding service Outtoftime99Slave to MIstress Valeva divine and 2 others like this.

Okay my apologies Miss Lucy. So I think I am ready to offer commitment. Can I ask, being relatively new to this website, if you or anyone else, have had a successful keyholder relationship which was amicably time based? Achedlock17 Active member. Good luck! Som92 New member. First of all, without a shred of doubt this is an incredibly generous offer, thank you for your kindness. As someone who has stayed on nofap for self betterment for the last couple of weeks I would love to be able to somebody as that really helps with the discipline.

I'm from India so I don't know if sending a padlock overseas will be feasible, plus I live in a city Delhi where there's crazy security everywhere metal scanners before going to every mall or boarding the metro from any station for examplemy only request would be for you to entertain the possibility of doing this with a plastic padlock. I understand I'm probably asking for too much, but I would really love to take you up on this offer as this will be personally beneficial to me to a great degree.

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Chastity key holding service

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Chastity key holding service

email: [email protected] - phone:(381) 931-4424 x 8440

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